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The explosive growth of smart phones has provided a unique opportunity to leading brands to build loyalty and affinity with their customers in an “Always Connected” mode.

Increasingly more customers are looking to their phones to search, browse and get coupons for the products they buy at the point of sale. Providing these users with a rich mobile experience will keep the customer loyalty high and drive higher brand affinity.

RewardLive application suite provides consumer goods manufactures and retailers the ability to extend their eCommerce capabilities to the mobile users in the most effective manner.   RewardLive delivers a superb user experience for the mobile users to navigate within the mobile application.

RewardLiveTM is the first such product in the market that allows users to interact with the brand in real-time.  Brands can push real-time coupons, allow users to top-up their Store Card (accounts) or Gift Cards, locate the stores and much more, all in real-time. 

This new model of reaching and interacting with your target users is new and unique.  As the application resides on the mobile devices, this “Push” model whereby Brands can reach and interact with its customers anytime, anywhere in a highly interactive model creates an extremely compelling value proposition. 

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