Envision Mobile Inc.   Wireless Enterprise Solutions
Envision Mobile is the only company that provides an end2end mobile technology framework with out of the box applications for financial services, retail & consumer goods, media & entertainment and manufacturing industries.

Envision Mobile’s best in class technology delivers rich and native mobile applications with unparallel user interactivity on mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, Andriod, Palm webOS, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile) from one single underlying technology framework.

With the power of our platform, you can deliver mobile applications that support all Smartphone device platforms natively with one technology framework, accelerating your time to market and significantly reducing the capital and operational costs for managing a robust mobile solution.

Applications built on Envision Mobile Platform provide the most robust and superior user interface technology available in the market today, delivering information in an intelligent manner with unmatched security and optimized data access.

Intelligent Application-based Technology
Envision Mobile’s technology has been designed with the key notion that “one size does not fit all”.   Mobile applications for different industry verticals solve different problems and have to be designed and architected differently. 

Envision Mobile, combining the wireless network know-how, expertise on the mobile application development and business akin in the target verticals, provides mobile applications with the rich and intuitive user interface while delivering tangible business value with unmatched security.

With our products, our customers can deliver a mobile experience that is fast, easy to use, and esthetically pleasing much beyond the browser based wireless web (WAP) or traditional offline (thick-client).

Envision Mobile further harnesses the rich internet technology to deliver seamlessly ‘always on’ application while addressing the loss of connectivity common in the wireless network. The hybrid online and offline architecture ensures the consumers continuous access to the mobile applications, yet enforces strong mobile security. 

Mobile applications built on Envision technology support a rich set of visual elements and seamless integration with the systems necessary for deliver the applications quickly and securely.

Scalable Mobility Server
Envision Mobile powers the mobile applications with scalable, yet open and flexible mobility server that further enhances the data intelligence exchanged between the device and back-end systems. With its optimized data encryption and compression, the Envision Mobile server utilizes the minimal wireless data bandwidth for maximum output.

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