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The financial services industry offers one of the most compelling uses of mobile and wireless technology.

The mobile services can be broadly segmented into three type for the financial services industry:

Banking and Payments:
Whether you are looking for the nearest ATM, want to get in touch with the customer service rep or pay a bill in real-time, mobile banking and payment services can play a key role in the daily lives of the users.

Brokerage & Investments:
In the investment world, timing is everything.  Getting real-time information and visibility for the stocks and portfolio holdings is crucial for effective decision making for on-the-go professionals.

Banking for the Unbanked:
There are significant opportunities for financials services in the in developing markets. Mobile carriers, for example, often have the infrastructure to deliver services to relatively remote areas and expertise in micropayment transactions. These assets may enable them to offer valuable services to the financial sector — services that are not required in the developed world.

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