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High pressure and a demanding environment in the field services industry is putting the service workers today face multitude of challenges in meeting customer needs and contractual agreements as well as delivering the best service while covering more accounts in less time. Increasingly, leading enterprises are looking to the power of mobile solutions to achieve the next degree of operational efficiency that provides the desired agility and responsiveness.

Streamlined Field Service Management capabilities automate critical service-delivery processes and allow for more efficient management of technicians and service requests. This is especially important if you offer complex product/service bundles to customers with unique needs, and rely on field workers to enable services for them. Key Field Service Management capabilities include:
  • Scheduling. Automate and improve the scheduling of service requests, and manage scheduling via a variety of attributes such as service type, location, skill set, etc.
  • Dispatch. Coordinate the automation of dispatch activities and more effectively manage changes.
  • GPS. Leverage GPS technologies across all Field Service Management activities to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy of services delivered.
  • Video:  Leverage the capabilities of next generation smart phone for video and image capture for better liability management and cost controls.
  • Reporting. Coordinate and manage reporting of all in-field activities in an intuitive and actionable fashion.
  • Management Support. Deliver critical tools and information to supervisors to better manage staff, activities and exception handling.
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