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Consumer Goods companies are always looking for ways to engage with their audience continuously and in an interactive fashion.

Over the past few years, consumer goods companies have made significant investments in creating rich interactive web properties that deliver a rich and highly interactive experience to their customers with integration to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

The Mobile channel takes this customer engagement to the next level.  Leading consumer goods companies are looking at mobile as a strategic channel to make the customer experience more engaging and deliver an integrated customer experience.  Mobile technology allows consumer goods manufacturers to extend their brand, product information and availability to a growing base of mobile consumers in real time; anytime-anywhere.

Brands can push real-time coupons, allow users to top-up their Cards (accounts) or Gift Cards, locate the product availability in retail stores and much more, all in real-time. 

This new model of reaching and interacting with target users is new and unique.  As the application resides on the mobile devices, the “Push” model whereby Brands can reach and interact with its customers anytime, anywhere in a highly interactive model creates an extremely compelling value proposition. 
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