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CashLive empowers mobile operators and financial institutions to mobilize essential financial services. With pervasive mobile usage worldwide and the need for immediate banking services, digital cash and digital card services can be conducted using mobile phones. Developing countries today have more penetration on mobile phones than bank accounts; thus a strong demand for mobile services for unbanked customers is imperative.

Cashlive Functions
Customers can use CashLive in real-time to:
  • Manage, monitor and view preloaded digital wallets

    • Balances
    • Activities and transaction histories
    • Topup from prepaid or payroll cards, or cash

  • Domestic and international remittance

  • Mobile banking

    • Account balances, activities and transaction histories
    • Funds transfer and Bill payment
    • Integrated messages and alerts for monitored activities

  • Mobile peer to peer payments, mobile peer to merchant payments

  • Locate point of sale and service centers

  • Schedule service callbacks

  • Infrastructure to support multiple merchants and financial institutions

  • Support the needs of migrant workers, youth, domestic service workers, and largely cash-based business securely and conveniently
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