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BankLive delivers easy to use mobile banking capabilities on todays mobile phones. It supports out of the box multi-factor security while allowing banks to customize anti-phishing features.

BankLive Functions    
Account and Funds Management    
  • Account Balance
  • Bill Payments
  • Transaction History
  • Funds Transfers
Customer Services    
  • Locate ATMs and Branches
  • Account Activity Monitoring
  • Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Integrated Messages and Alerts
BankLive enables banks to reduce operationing costs, gain traction with youth, provide services to unbanked and migrate workers, as well tap into cash transactions by combining with mobile wallets.

Application Access Options
BankLive offers Financial Institutions multiple distribution options to reach their customer segments and meet the markets needs.
  • Rich user interface application to provide the best user experience and meeting the most strigent security requirements.
  • Simpified user interface application that can support most of consumer phones, with ease of use while meeting the strigent security requirements.
  • SMS and IM based intelligent commands that can be used on all phones.
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